Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Total Coarse Fishing Dec 2012 — In Print, at Last!

I've written for the digital editions of Total Coarse Fishing for a few months now and for the apps platform mag Angling News Week since springtime but my first opinion piece in print came hot off the printing press last week and flopped through my letterbox yesterday morning.

I ripped the envelope away, and...

Well, I have to say it's a cracking issue tailor made for me because it's full of just the kinds of fishing I want to know about and avidly digest every morning when I peruse the blogs of others involved in establishing what I know to be a renaissance of interest in adventurous and pioneering wild water fishing that simply cannot be ignored any longer. Blogs are making waves, let me tell you!

This issue goes head to head with that fact. There's the obligatory commercial carp leading articles so essential for sales revenue but that's where the similarities to all other angling monthlies stop because from thereon in it's devoted to what is fast becoming the kinds of sports that define contemporary angling at its very best and most fascinating — commercial perching by top specimen hunters, canal tactics & canal chub advice from renowned experts, urban carping on unlikely venues, pleasure fishing the sadly neglected Norfolk Broads and modern lure fishing for pike.

This is a subtle but marked change in direction in angling publishing that reflects what lush growth is coming through from grass roots. I'm proud to be a part of it and utterly shameless in promoting it. Buy this issue, get your friends and their wife's angling lover to buy it too, and by doing so demand more of the same!

That I'm appearing in it is the least of it, because I'm the very least of the anglers I appear alongside and I know it! Very proud to be amongst them though.

In print, at last!


  1. Well done Jeff, about time.I'm just off to buy it as I can't read all of your artical from the photo.
    When your rich and famous don't forget the little people will you.

  2. Congratulations! Keep up the great job...all the best!!!!

  3. Well done Jeff its been a long time coming ......I shall pop out and purchase a copy this week .

    Bazal Peck

  4. Overdue and richly deserved, well done Jeff!

  5. Well done Jeff pleased for you, what happened to the book?

  6. Great stuff Jeff. There will be a voice of plain sense amongst the incessant drivel (that must hold back sales amongst the ordinary folk) at last!

  7. Well done Jeff,

    an interesting and as always thought provoking article and that is something many people have come to enjoy from reading your blog over the years. Looks like a trip to the newsagents is called for.

  8. Jeff,

    As they say the only way is Essex ;-0.I remember the buzz I got being mentioned in Jon Berry's book A Can of Worms.But to have some of your own work published you must be "Pwoper" 'appy.

    I shall have a peek in WH Smiths on the way home from work tomorrow.

  9. Thanks everybody, It's appreciated

    And the book, Joe, is now in process of illustration and layout which is my favourite bit of the whole work, so within few months I'll hopefully have a couple proofs back from the printers. Still have a little more writing to do because of this year's 'lessons' but that won't hold things up.

  10. Well in and well deserved Jeff.

    ps I have your Jack Pike hat. Found it in my car the other day...

  11. Thank Christ for that Keith! Hunting high and low for it all over the house.

    Thought I'd have to break in another one...

    Don't think I can go through all that palaver again.

  12. Bit late to the party, but congratulations!

    And from what I can read, great article, I'll get a copy later. Nice to read an 'average' perspective on specimen hunting. Top work.

  13. Well done Jeff, you'll need a sponser soon, Guinness widget floats might be interested?

    Looking forward to the book too mate. Need a catch up soon.


  14. Well done Jeff top publication too

  15. Well done Jeff.. keep it up mate!

  16. I'm going to disagree with your 'very least' comment though.

    I've not seriously fished since my teens - and < cough > the late 1980s - with any subsequent interest restricted only to a seminal BBC2 series and the odd glance at a copy of AT in Sainsburys.I guess I stumbled into reading blogs over two years ago. I read several - most of them the good company linked from here - but it's this blog, your blog that makes me think.

    Think whether there was something beyond being sixteen, winning those junior matches and eventually getting the Mitchell 440a. Something that had the potential to follow a different later course (no pun I promise) of serious pleasure angling and something I missed out on. Hey, I never did catch a barbel even if I still remember being connected to one on the Dane. Whilst using a pole and single maggot (I know, I know).

    Being published in print is richly deserved and I'll add a thanks for making me dream a little and to wonder at what might have been.

  17. As a well know sage once said - "every journey begins with the first step" Have a good trip. :)

  18. Where can I buy it Jeff?I live in east london.

    Enjoythis blog alot mate

  19. Tesco and W H Smith both sell it John

  20. thanks for sharing.