Friday, 20 February 2009

Canal Zander - Lucioperca Problematica - Zzzzzz.......

I'm not sleeping, though the roach seem to be...

I went out for short session on the canal and ended up, after a succession of rapid swim changes, from one wrong spot to another, at a spot that looked somehow, brooding
. A darker than usual place, with trees on the opposite bank shading the water. Three worms were cast and I sat back in my chair with light drizzle falling in the still air.

The rods were still, unnaturally so. So still that even the lightest touch would have thrown me into instant reaction. When the bite came, after half an hour or so, I reached instantly for the rod only to have the line go completely slack. I waited and then it tightened, jerked and fell slack once again. Not knowing quite what kind of fish would give such an odd bite I decided that I would pull into whatever it was on the next tightening of the line and hope for the best. The line duly tightened, the rod tip pulled around and I struck into a good fish.

I honestly had no idea what it could be, not a roach for sure, but a perch perhaps? or even a bream?

When the fish broke surface I was amazed to find myself staring at, of all fish, a zander!

My first ever zander, without trying...

Not a big fish, just a few pounds. An incredible looking animal though, and as my first ever zander, a sight to remember. It had taken the worm right down, and was deeply hooked, which would explain the strange bite. I should have struck much earlier. The size ten was easily unhitched once I'd unblocked the disgorger which had some kind of muck blocking it up, the fish gawped at, its picture taken and safely released.

Pretty ain't they?...

I don't know what to think about this, in all honesty. I'd tried to catch one a while back without any success whatsoever, but now one had come my way not only when I'd least expected it, but on a bait that I'd never thought for one moment they'd show any interest in. Its true what they say about the humble lobworm. There's not a fish that swims that it won't catch.

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