Friday, 13 March 2009

Uncanny happenings...

I was just thinking about buying a brolly, then went out the door to take the dog for a walk, and found one abandoned on the towpath. A bit old and leaky, but it works OK for me

Luck, is a funny thing. The brolly turned up just as I was seriously considering buying one, and just yesterday another like event occurred, but one with the uncanny about it...

I was walking across a field in near darkness en route from a local lake to home, looked down and saw what I thought was a couple of crumpled banknotes. I couldn't really see very well, so I kicked them but found just two crumpled sheets of some kind of paper-like tin foil. I walked on, just a few hundred yards further, and crossed the footbridge at Hawkesbury Junction descending the other side only to find at the bottom what appeared to be another couple of crumpled banknotes...

This time it really was - a fiver and a tenner!

Now, would I have found these notes if I had not already tuned my mind into the possibility? Or, did I actually create the real banknotes by some feat of mental athletics? Or, did the presence of the real banknotes on my path create a forewarning of themselves in the form of the spurious ones?

What does such a thing mean when it goes way beyond the limits of mere coincidence and is not related to necessity ?

It's not as if I needed the money!

Spooky, very spooky.


  1. My antipodean friend! How you doing craig?

  2. good mate! Over your way next month - up for a pint or 12?

    what's a good email?

  3. Too right, I have just the venue...