Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Just what I needed...more gear!

I dropped into my local Cash Converters the other day and found myself a few must haves...

First was an Avon rod, which will be pressed into service next river season. Not that I really needed another Avon rod, but this one was a little special, being ten foot six of built cane! It's in good nick for an unrestored rod of this age, has no makers transfer on it so probably was as cheap as chips to buy originally, but it feels good despite having stuck and detached ferrules and a few wobbly rings. The good news is that the intermediate rings are not corroded, all present and not deformed so with a little TLC I can team it with the pin, go chub stalking and have some Chris Yates style retro fun. OK it's not a name make, so probably worth just the small price paid, but I'm not a name angler - if I break it, then that's fine - rods are for fishing whatever their pedigree.

The best news was that I also found an adjustable seat box, an item that I need for this canal float fishing lark, and it was bursting with tackle. Everything a coarse angler could need was crammed into this box - hundreds of pounds worth of every imaginable kind of float, tins of shot, line in all breaking strains, hooks, disgorgers, feeders, bread punches, catapults, bait boxes, rig winders, all the little bits that anglers need and well, you name it. I don't really think anyone had worked out how to unlock the drawers (by drawing out a pin) and so no-one had seen the sheer quantity of tackle inside. Worth every penny.

Judy huffed and puffed as I calmly handed over my dosh, but she has no real idea just what kind of credit crunching economy such a bargain represents...

I asked her a searching question ~

Q. If it were not a tackle box, but a professional make-up artist's make-up box, would you part with a similarly paltry hard cash sum to have all that for yourself? and not have to buy any more make-up for years to come?

A. NO!

Q. Why not?

A. They'd all be last year's colours...


  1. What mail have you sent it to? nothing in my inbox!

    Address is jeffhatt@hotmail.co.uk

    and not .com!


  2. hmmm..that's the one I used! checked your spam box?

    anyway, my number's 020 747 682 55

    what;s yours?

  3. I'm not a number...I'm a free man!