Friday, 16 October 2009

Warwickshire Avon River Record Fish List

I've been trawling around the web this morning and looking for any reliable reports of any big fish from The Avon and its tributaries, so that I know what I am aiming to surpass when I fish it, but mostly so that I know what kind of weight represents a specimen fish for the Avon catchment.

I think I'll try to compile a river record list for the fun of it, so if anyone has reliable reports of big fish then post your comment here or contact me by email at and I'll check out the report and add it to the list if it's anything like genuine.

I don't know, are official river records kept ? If they are then I can't find any trace of them...

So far I have very few fish and they may well not be the biggest ever caught from the river system - I can only compile a list of reported genuine fish, not old wives tales! The carp for instance, was the subject of controversy apparently ( it would be... ) and is a British river record, or was? Was it genuine? There's nothing pushed out there since that say's it is or it ain't.

Chub - 7lb 0 oz - Shane Flaxton - Sept 2009

Barbel - 16lb 4oz - Gavin Heritage - March 2007

Carp - 48lb 8oz - Phillip Lloyd - March 2000

Zander - I have an old Angling Times report of an 18lb 14oz fish from Tewkesbury caught by Paul Astbury in the winter of 2008

Was this ever ratified?

Pike - the only fish I can find of any real size is a 29lb 4oz fish caught by 'Steve'.

As for roach, dace, perch, and the rest of the Avon species population, I can find absolutely nought.

Being the river it is, it does contain just about every single freshwater species somewhere in its gentle depths, so the record list would be comprehensive. I'd like to think that roach well over the two and dace approaching the one are present - its not a chalk stream, I don't expect three pound redfins or darts pushing the British record but it would be nice to have something clear for us locals to aim at, don't you think?

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