Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Look what arrived this morning!


Oh yes!

My lovely brass precision spring balance! The Salter Brecknell Model 15.

These are the absolute dogs bollox! Beautiful old school stuff, none of ya cheap plastic rubbish, they even smell of metal and grease, all they're short of is a leather case and you could take sniff and believe you were being driven to the waters edge by your gillie in a old Rolls Royce...!

Weighing up to four pounds in ounce increments, these are the serious roach angler's most important bit of kit in my estimation, I mean you can catch roach legitimately on a length of old garden cane, and indeed, some anglers prefer to, but you can't weigh them on anything less than the very best. The imperial scale ends at four pounds but the balance can weigh just a bit more than that, two kilos in fact, and I know that kilos are foreign muck and not to be trusted or even understood by an Englishman but I have had the offending article translated into The Queens English and it's four pounds six and a bit ounces, which is a couple of ounces and a bit over the British rod caught roach record so when a bona fide redfin bottoms out these scales, you can be forgiven for crying like a girlie ...!

I might have to get the British roach record mark engraved on the clear space at the bottom! I could even have the dates of my successive personal bests engraved alongside their respective weights - how cool is that?

I am going to have to have my name engraved on them too...


My monogram...!!!

If anyone reading this is into the smaller species in a big way then you really have to get a set of these scales - you wont regret the expense, I assure you!

Treat yourself to a set for Christmas, the missus won't mind ( or know! ) and there's still time...

I mean, when was the last time you saw anything brand spanking new proudly engraved with the legend, 'Made in England' ?


  1. Hi Geoff, Just discovered you blog, especially the small stream series, great read, has humour, sound sense and excellent photos and Molly! Your only concession to tackle tartdoom is you beautiful Slater scales, I am drolling, they would be perfect for my perch campaign and would enhance the photos I will be taking of all the 2lb plus fish I will inevitably catch. By the way where did you get them as I searched the net and could not see anyone supplying them.

    Cheers Michael

  2. Hi Michael, the scales are not easy to find on the open market but I think Salter still make them. Here's a link to their angling range PDf which includes the model 15 in a variety of capacities.


    I've used these scales for well over a year now and they have performed brilliantly and never ever giving a false reading. None of that needle jiggling you get with rotary scales. just a solid and dependable result.

    If you have no luck with Salter then look on Ebay for brass scales and you'll find what you are looking for there