Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Jeff Hatt, Tyro Fluffchucker

Well, it finally arrived after the first despatch got 'lost' somewhere in the carrier's Newcastle depot, en-route. Here am I, covered in paint, with my entry level fly outfit, a 9 foot Shakespeare #6-7 Odyssey rod, Scierra Avalanche #7/9 large arbour reel, and a Shaky zinger for my disgorger ~

I bought this with my £50 Game Fishing Supplies voucher winnings from the Fishing Magic Forum April Photo competition, a competition won comprehensively, 10 points to 3, by this picture of Keith playing a carp at Brookfields ~

Tis beautiful, innit?

No contest. Great model, great picture...!

I have plans, when I manage the fiddly business of buying in and stringing all the various and expensive fly line components together, of catching not only the small stream wild brown trout of the river Sence, but also the local coarse fish.

The ravenous rudd of The Crater are going to be my first port of call, as this pond is devoid of bankside cover that might hinder my first steps mastering the cast - Roger Booth's imitation dog biscuit carp catcher fly is what I need, or a slow sinking piece of fake corn - then the roach of the Coventry Canal are going to get a licking with slow sinking fake casters...

I can't imagine why I never did this before...!


  1. Hello Jeff, I also acquried my first fly rod jsut a couple of weeks ago. Had my first carp last weekend of 10lb 4oz. Very strange as you forget how much a long handle assist you during a fight, the fly rod puts alot of pressure on the wrists!
    Good luck with it.
    Tight Lines

  2. Brilliant. Be interested to see how you get on at the Sence – hopefully the Grayling will be in the mood...