Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Silver Bream - This Season, I'll be Mostly Wearing...

It's been a harsh winter and with a couple of months of ice and snow from November onwards it has seemed like a very long and protracted one but now that spring is upon and the clocks have gone forward lending us late evenings in which to play, I've a sorted out a new summer fishing wardrobe out of last season's knackered old rags in fetching light greys, buffs, faded greens and the like - just the palette for stalking about in the reeds.

Have been out on a short introductory session to a local rock hard 'carp' venue just to get into the feel of lounging around on a grassy bank wasting the day just ruminating upon the landscape whilst a pair of buzzers do all the hard work for me. I've allowed myself these as this year I have a feeling I am going to have to do my share of long stay fishing for monster bream, tench, carp, catfish and the like.

Im considering ideas about how best to harness Molly's prowess as a distance swimmer for bait boat/rig delivery duties. She also makes a great swim stirrer if carp, tench and crucians are my target - just chuck a ball in the swim over and over and in ten minutes it'll be a brown food laden soup. At one time last year I was getting bites from these species whilst she was actually swimming around - they like the commotion you see: underwater it sounds just like large fish crashing around in the margins competing for food.

Have also got in some self-take trophy shot practice against a suitably anonymous reedy backdrop. I take a few of these early in most sessions where I expect to catch something worthwhile but delete them all later as they are just weird without fish in them too! I didn't have a bite on this occasion but blogs need pictures, fish or no fish...

It's not quite there yet though. Despite many of the challenge competitors having hooked a few summer species early on these scores will all be wiped away by what will come when the voracious creatures eventually wipe the sleep from their eyes and raid the rapidly expanding natural breakfast pantry. I for one can't wait to get March, which has been a ghastly barren month for me wasted chasing after perch that have simply refused to play, clean out of the way and get stuck into April.

Here's my March fish of the month, a seven ounce silver bream ~

It's a nice example of this uncommon fish and a respectable size too, but it hardly represents a good return on investment, does it?

Never mind. Soon it'll be summer and the fish'll be crawling up the rods!


  1. Love the early season-break in the garb post. Truth be told, I practice a few solo\time delay shots myself. Nicely done.

  2. hi jeff i was at that big pool 2day by brige 13 of canal had a few roach on the maggit feeder nice day out

  3. Steve in Colorado30 March 2011 at 02:31

    Well, you won't make the cover of GQ my friend but I do look forward to photo-shopping that empty trophy-holding pic of yours... ;)