Friday, 1 April 2011

A Worm by the Tale

Keith swung round my way yesterday afternoon spouting what I thought was some cock and bull story about how he'd discovered some bylaw clause that allowed us to fish the Avon right up till March 31st so we could actually get in a little very late season barbelling if we abandoned our plans for perch fishing at Weston Lawns and went to Stratford instead.

Turns out he was right! You can indeed fish the river, but only with female lobworms as no other bait is permissible. You live and learn...

Stratford was its usual lovely self and with spring surprisingly well advanced there due to the balmy subtropical climate caused by all that hot air spouted by the local luvvies. It was so nice that Keith even took off his sunglasses at one point and I discovered that he actually has eyes and one of them is good. We didn't catch any barbel, I'm sorry to say, but we both had bream and plenty of them, in fact I broke my personal best for the species with a three pound two ounce specimen ~

Of course we wound up in the Dirty Duck after close of play and there downed five or six pints each of Stickett Upham Brewery's Hogwash Ale before driving home at great speed up and down the A46 to Coventry, via Evesham.


  1. A truly memorable Bream from the Avon Jeff.

    Although I have my suspicions it was one of the many perch / bream hybrids which are caught on the weirs at Stratford.

  2. Jeff,

    What a excellant bylaw to dicover, especially on a day like today ;). I also love the fact that the bylaw lets you drink 5 or 6 pints and drive home, but the hybrid was the fish that made me believe it all. lol.

  3. I see that you poachers have been at it again, fishing where and when you shouldn't. There is NO such byelaw!
    I have reported both you and your mate to the relevant authorities which I am sure will be able to track you through licences and will send you your fines for fishing a river during the closed season and for returning a non native fish to the river. ;)

  4. I smell a fishy tale here Mr Hatt, good work with the hybrid though. Shame it was not a true perch.....then your quest would have been completed!

  5. I don't believe a word of it ... you'd never wear that hat down lucy's mill !!

  6. Steve in Colorado2 April 2011 at 20:52

    Female worms indeed- harrumph! Happy April to all from this side o' the Pond...

  7. I think that's the same fish I caught during the December snows. That little blemish on the tail confirms it. Well done Jeff. Will we see you in AT this week?

  8. With such a fabulous specimen I can't see why not!

    A happy and productive Spring's fishing to all you Brothers and Sisters of the Angle.