Friday, 26 August 2011

About Bloody Time!

It's wet all over, and it has been for the last 48 hours. About bloody time!

England is enjoying a long needed dousing in H20 and it feels good. At least it feels good to an angler. Can't speak for the sun lovers who have been hard pressed, despite the drought, to find more than a few minutes of proper sunlight between clouds in any given day all summer long.

I don't know about you but I don't much like fishing rivers when they are so low that they turn into a series of slow moving ponds with the fish gasping for breath in the low oxygen content and with the real possibility of actually killing fish if the fight you have with them is too long and protracted. I like em when they are flowing as they should, and they will be now...

The Sowe, the little river that runs through the backside of Coventry is full to the top of the banks and that means the Avon will be running hard and high too. I might have to get out there soon and find that monster chub I need to increase my points for the species having not had the chance to so far this season. Of course they'll have a plethora of hapless creatures bashed out of the banks and dripping from the trees washing down and into biting range so it won't be easy, but then again, it won't be hard will it? Not compared to waiting all day for a single bite as a tardy river chugs on by to the sea at snails pace.

I feels good to be inspired in all honesty, as I've just lost the urge lately with hardly any coarse fishing got in for what seems like ages. Ah, it smells ripe for it. The breeze wafting in my window stinks of water, it absolutely reeks of the stuff. It's nothing less than the heady aroma of life itself. And I'll bet the fish will have been the first on the case. My, even a trip to the Severn is on the cards what with the mountains of Wales chucking a trillion gallons of the wet stuff down its catchment as we speak.

The river season has just begun, late yes, but better late than never. 

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