Monday, 12 December 2011

River Roach - Small Stream Adventures - River Anker Recce

Out yesterday on a reconaissance trip searching for pockets of good roach on the small lowland streams of the Midlands. This flushing session was conducted with Molly aiding operations on the upper Anker above Nuneaton and was partially successful in that I did eventually find roach, and of the right size, but unfortunately not nearly so many as should have been there had the river not been dredged and generally messed with over the years and with predictable results - a denuded habitat and few too few fish for so much water explored.


  1. Great stuff as ever Jeff

    Ive got a very similar looking stream near me and after watching your vid im now inspired!

  2. Lovely video Jeff,very interesting use of Molly,she seems to really enjoy herself,that stream reminds me of a stream/brook that I have locally and keep meaning to fish and have has of yet not got round to.

    Kind Regards

  3. Molly is quite the handy fishing partner! Much enjoyed the video and you're right...exploring can't be worse than staying home. ;)

  4. Great video especially for a self take. A lot of passion.
    We also have plenty of streams like that unfortunately they only have trout in and cost silly money to fish!

  5. There are two diminuitive waterways over near me just outside of Evesham that look very similar, both tributaries of the Warks Avon so bound to hold Roach amongst other species. I also have on good authority information of a stretch of the Avon, nice and deep and full of Roach to over a pound and a half, I would guess close to the magic 2lb. Give me a shout if you fancy a go.

  6. Molly is beside herself when confronted with a stream. She loves them more than she loves anything. I doubt if she was out of water half the time she was in that day and then only to find a new pool to get into. Great dogs for this kind of work, though terrible when actually wetting a line!

    Glad it might have inspired a few effort in the small stream direction - the effort is much, but the rewards are great.

    Joe, I'll be in touch. Anything with 'roach' in the swim of it gets my attention. You know me!