Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Now This is What I Call... A Barbel Feeder!


  1. Looks more like a depth charge mate. I know my barbel rods would handle that but yours wont. What are they 4 or 5 oz plus bait.
    I think you need to make normal sized ones for general use. Keep at it and no slacking now.

  2. Now that is a serious looking feeder Jeff, should be able to fit a small Barbel inside that.

  3. Mart, we all know you have a stiff rod, but there's no need to boast about it ...

    Mark, I was working on the principle that a big barbel has a big gob and an even bigger appetite, and most barbel feeders don't supply enough for a roach, let alone a river pig. That, and the fact that I couldn't be arsed to make the haircurlers any smaller than they come out of the packet!

  4. Those are curlers.

    Cue Little Britain voice..

    "Those belong to a lady!

    That's what they are.

    They are lady things!"

  5. You bit the bullet and ventured to Boots then Jeff!

    Various different sizes available on t'internet if you need them

  6. Jeff if you buy some brown hair dye from the pound shop and water it down. It tints the plastic a very nice camo brown. I did the same some time ago and they came out a brilliant colour.

  7. Have I stumbled onto women's weekly blog? Any more beauty tips for tarting up my tackle.....?

    Jeff, nice feeder will work a treat. Although remember sometimes less is more!

  8. Good to see anglers utilising feminine products for their own manly ends, eh? I call it ingenuity, others might not!

  9. Carly: OMG that ginger's dimples are so hot!
    Kenzie: That's because they're dimps!
    Carly: oh that explains everything