Friday, 18 January 2013

James Denison — Angler of the Year?

If you haven't stumbled across James Denison on your Internet travels then you've missed out on one of the best angling blogs this country has to offer written by one of our most promising up-and-coming coarse anglers. I have no hesitation recommending his work to you as nothing short of essential reading.

James' 'My Fishing Exploits' has been up and running for just over a year but in that time he's kept it tight, focussed on his local rivers and extracted the very best from them with great captures of barbel and chub, however it's his roach fishing that drives me nuts!

So far as I'm concerned his recent redfin exploits are historic.

No one nowadays manages a hat trick of two-pounders backed up by a further fish bubbling under without the true angler's personal attributes of determination, angling skill, relentless legwork and expert watercraft unless they bludgeon them out with bolt rigs on astronomically expensive trips to well publicised far-flung waters, but James achieved it within spitting distance of home, from an urban stream, and for the price of a loaf of float-fished bread.

James Denison, 'Angler of the Year — 2013' just from the evidence of this one fabulous, hard-earned catch!  It's front page material, it really is, and I doubt if anyone will beat it soon... unless James does!

Read all about it and weep, Ye Sons and Daughters of the Angle ~

My Fishing Exploits — Two's Company


  1. Corr, they are some crackers Jeff, lovely looking fish, a superb capture by James.

  2. Thanks for bringing this blog to our attention Jeff, and what a catch!