Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Robyn Moult — A Breath of Fresh Air

I don't quite know how I came across Robyn Moult, but was searching for something or another and was arrested mid-way by the sight of a woman in a bikini holding up a great big carp. There's loads of cheesy pictures out there of girls fishing in bikinis (or less!) and they might catch the eye but never have any substance to them because they never catch the fish, however this one looked interesting because it seemed real. So I took a closer look...

Sure enough the picture was genuine. Robyn was a proper angler and the bikini not a stunt but actually legitimate fishing apparel — the fish was caught during hot weather on a carp fishing holiday in France with her husband and sons.

It's not every day you come across a carp fishing article that's not some hackneyed tripe but this piece by Robyn hit all the right buttons. Genuinely enthusiastic about the sport, what she had to say about carp fishing made for an interesting and entertaining read because Robyn's no tackle tart, but someone who experiments, improvises, thinks things through and does things 'her way,' not 'the way.'

"It’s a great sport and hopefully I’ve proved that it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Using a bit of inventiveness and intuition has allowed me to grow to love this hobby, without it breaking the bank. "

Quite literally putting the 'tight' back into 'lines,' Robyn is not only a breath of fresh air, but an angler after my own heart.


The Angling Gazette


  1. Ugh!! Can't be proper carper or the bikini would in camo. Next years must have real tree swimwear.

  2. So long as big blokes with shaved heads don't start carping in camo swimwear we'll be all right! Though I'll bet money I can find a picture of one...