Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Canal Tench — Small Reward

Well, I opened my canal tench account this afternoon. Have had two sessions prior though. One with Keith Sunday evening when we both blanked outright on an evening when fishy interest was very hard to come by in persistent rain. And a couple of hours on Monday morning when I managed to wangle a single half-pound roach from three or four pernickity bites. 

Changeable weather patterns affect canal fishing more than other venues because they have even width and take circuitous routes and so they are assaulted by wind in very complex ways. But a nice steady spell of warmth and calm will see it balance up, I'm sure. And I think were about to get just that.

Today was just as useless even though the weather was more settled than it has been of late. No interest whatsoever for an hour and a half and then this little lady came along. I do think she's the smallest tench I have ever caught in a canal.  Nevertheless, I progress another couple of notches up the canal board because of her and what was the scabbiest roach I ever caught anywhere, I reckon.

So scabby in fact that I couldn't take a picture and embarrass him further...

Good to see young tench here. Recruitment is good and the future of the population assured. Not so good to see roach in bad condition, though. Not worried unduly. The usual run of them are plump and pristine.


  1. Rare fish that! I've seen tiny tench in my canals but not really had them sub-1lb. Conversely all four of the tench I had from the Lee Nav were between half an ounce to two ounces. The smallest was miniscule. Definitely weren't stocked fish either. Funnily enough, I haven't done very well on bread for the tincas. I'm hoping you can pick up some nice silver bream too. Must also add that it's nice wake and log on three times in the last week or so and find a new Idlers Quest post to read. Still the best Hatt so please keep em comin'!

    1. No they aren't at all common are they? I've had a few 1lb fish. Never one this small. I do like the spread of size I get here. Seems healthy to me to have a broad range of year classes present. They are proving hard to locate this year.I have to say, but the weather has been up and down and all over the place. Think the settled spell might help.

      Bread is not such a great tench bait here either, but it does have broader appeal than corn, which seems to be more selective of tench. So, I'm using it to gain what I need in the way of roach, bream, hybrids and hopefully elusive silver bream. Then I reckon i'll fish a few night sessions with corn on two rods. Might get decent tench then and possibly carp too with luck