Tuesday, 21 December 2010

River Roach - Small Stream Adventures - In Praise of Small Things

A mid-winter picture post...

The long walk...

... the hard work ...

... and the reward


  1. Steve in Colorado22 December 2010 at 02:22

    OK, you're good with a camera. But that last shot...? Impressive staging!

  2. Let me guess Jeff, that new fangled camera - which is waterproof - is in the landing net?

  3. All very nice, but did you catch anything?

  4. Naah! I had a few bites but It was as hard as nails so I got out the camera and had fun messing about with it as it was abundantly clear that the fish would not oblige, and no, not in the landing net but attached to the end of it via a rather neat bit of kit that I will bring to everyone's attention in my next post.

    This camera is one that I'll happily take risks with as it seems as tough as old boots so far. It's been covered in pike slime, dunked in snow, out in the rain, everything in fact but total submersion...