Thursday, 2 December 2010


The ice is now thick enough to support my skinny butt but I'd advise fellows of ampler frame to wait a while yet before venturing out upon the slippery stuff. I heard a crack as I dismounted, so it's not quite there yet, however, I am planning a novelty ice fishing assault on the canal in the next few days if the freeze keeps on keeping on...

If I can catch a big roach then I think that I would then have added to and extended the repertoire of strategies and tactics available to that most rarified of breeds, the died-in-the-wool English roach head...

Just imagine having the 'magic two' through an eight inch hole cut in the ice of the Coventry canal. How effing cool would that be?

Or effing cold, even...


  1. I like your thinking Re ice fishing.

    I have a cunning idea I have been mulling over since this new ice age began.

    I will discuss it with you on sat.


  2. Jeff, when you cut the hole make sure your not standing inside the line ! - just kidding ;)

    I was looking at some walleye fishing from ice holes on youtube - must admit it'd be a great thrill to catch something in this way, afterall we don't get the oppurtunity much these days - what with all the global warming we're experiencing nowadays ! ;)

  3. You're effing mad mate!

    Tell the truth, how were the insides of your pants whilst waiting for the camera timer to click?

    I speak from the position of a well-upholstered member of our species.

  4. I was holding back a big one, touching cloth you might say, Keith!

    Mine were the first and only human footsteps on the ice for miles, but I'll bet by tomorrow there'll be tracks all over...

    And large holes, here, and there...

  5. Let's hope the PC police don't see your post. They'll slap every kind of fine on you. Also, don't even think of roasting chestnuts this year. I'm sure some department at the Council is working out a proceedure for warning us. Global Warming, bits of shell might get under your fingernails, risk of indigestion etc etc!

  6. I shall watch with interest...(and a ladder and a long piece of rope, well you never know).

  7. The short term weather forecast isn't so good for this proposed ice fishing. There's a thaw coming over Saturday and Sunday.

    It'll have to be today or next cold snap...

    There's a whole winter to go yet!