Monday, 2 April 2012

A General Notice to all Angling Bloggers - I Crashed my Widget!

A few days ago I decided to edit my blogroll, ditching all the dead blogs and every single one of those who have not seen fit to link back to Idler's Quest in some way despite Idler's Quest linking to them for well over a year. Anyways, in doing this I seemed to have overloaded Blogspot with deletion requests, and crashed my widget. It has not been the same ever since...

Despite re-installing it, and in one click of the mouse, loading in all the blogs I follow, some have fallen through the net for reasons best known to Blogspot, and they steadfastly refuse to reappear unless I put them back in manually by URL. Every single other platform, Wordpress blogs for instance, or blogs created any other way but through Blogspot, are gone for good till I find out which ones are missing. I have retrieved some, but not all.

It took me a long time to compile my blogroll, which is my own reading list too, and I want it back as it was, but minus the dead and non-reciprocating blogs. The trouble is, if you don't tell me that your blog is missing, I just won't know it is, I'll simply assume you have not posted, because your blog won't appear in the blogroll whenever you do. As a consequence, I have no clear idea who is actually missing from it any more.

I'm sorry if you have noticed the absence of your blog, and thought I was being offish. I'm not, I just don't know who is missing until someone tells me they are! Over the weekend I received emails alerting me to this problem, otherwise I would never have known there actually was a problem. So my thanks to those who made me aware of this.

So, if your blog or website is no longer appearing, then please do let me know soon, and I'll make sure it appears as before.

Also, if you have a blog but it never has appeared, then either I have failed to link back, don't know about it, or if I do, and follow you, then the feed is turned off in your settings, the blog set to private rather than public, in which case it will appear in a follower's digest, but not in public blogrolls such as mine. Either way, send me a URL in the first case, or do whatever is your preference in the second. Just kick my skinny ass in any case!

Address is

Very sorry if I've inadvertently caused offense to anyone. I didn't mean it Guv!

Thanks again,



  1. Bloody Blogspot!

    They keep fixing stuff that ain't broke, like the old editing on the fly thing you used to be able to do off the published page, that's gone. Can't open up individual posts in tabs for bulk editing any more, and why ? who knows?

    I wish they'd just leave alone what is good, and ditch what ain't, but they tinker constantly.

  2. I think my blog may be missing from your list
    But then I never seem to catch anything worth reporting anyway!

  3. Thanks mate , it's back, and so are ten or so others that people have mailed me about, so thanks to them too