Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Zander Tag - Respect is Due...

Appearing now on walls and bridges down the Longford cuts. At last, a tag that inspires me enough to take a picture and shout its merits to the world. 'Rob' not only knows his fish and how to draw them anatomically correctly with all the fins in the right places, but he also knows exactly which fish live where he chooses to tag, for this is clearly a zed. 

At last, a tag writer crawling out of the cesspit of merely pissing up walls like a dog marking territory and progressing onwards and upwards to adorn them with something an angler can consider and admire!

Respect is due...


  1. It wasn't me...!

    Any pictures of shopping trolleys about Jeff?

  2. I love a bit of 'graff', on the quiet. Top bombing :-)

  3. You should adopt it rob!

    Plenty of carrier bags full of dog shit, but alas no trollies, as yet...

  4. I'm trying to forget the dog shit Jeff but have been waking at night in a cold sweat, urgh

  5. Surely that's marking the spot where monster zander are to be caught similar to the wifi tags of a few years ago.

    Either that or it it is RobT and he's telling porkies! However, if it was Rob they'd be drawings of 3lb+ roach :-)

  6. Strangely enough, I've seen this tag in two locations so far, both of which have thrown up known double-figure fish!

  7. If it was me it would be drawings of stick men, and that would take some effort!

  8. Nice tag, but more importantly gongratulations on the 100,000veiw mark be reached.

    coming up to my 1st anniversary and I'm currently on about 26,000 so well happy with that.

  9. Cheers Phil,

    You should be well pleased with that figure in the first year! That's an excellent rate of growth, and 100,000 won't be that far off for you if it continues...

    And the way fishing blogging is going, I think it might well, because the overall trend is steadily up, up, up.