Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Silver Bream - Breaking the Back of the Big Blank

Since the freeze thawed and temperatures soared to the heady 10, 12 even 13 that degrees we are currently experiencing during daylight and to a lesser degree, nightlight hours, this month has been an awful one for anglers, for no-one is catching much, or even at all. The blogs may give the impression that here and there, now and then, some level of success is being achieved but the truth is that more blanks are happening than are being reported. The fish have been knocked for six by the sudden and rapid change in their habitat and are sulking their squamous little heads off...

I went to the cut yesterday to put thing to right. Here's what happened when I tried to break the back of the BIG BLANK!

You'll forgive the amateur editing errors in my little video? I was just farting about with the camera to see what it could do...

I actually trained in media up to HNC level before embarking upon my fine art degree, though you'd never know it here! I've elected to forget the fundaments, evidently! A pre-roll and post-roll disaster, is what it is. I'll explain... With film or video destined for editing you have all actors freeze and shut their mouths as the camera rolls and then you'll shout 'action' and three seconds later they'll begin to act - and the same happens at the other end of the shot when they've completed the scene and once again freeze and three seconds later you'll shout 'cut' and then it's 'a wrap'. This is so that any transition inserted between clips, and especially cross fades, will not include any pre or post action movement or unwanted audio that would spoil a smooth transition from the prior, or to the succeeding, clip.

I just hit the record button and started yacking straight off the bat ~

Next time I will do better...

I promise.

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  1. Steve in Colorado20 January 2011 at 01:56

    But still, nice job! More vids to come, one hopes. And congrats on avoiding the skunk...
    (drunken mob singing...)
    Nice one Jeffrey,
    Nice one son!
    Nice one Jeffrey,
    Let's 'ave anuver one!