Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Canal Roach - Is it Just Me...?

Or has the fishing got really bloody hard since the weather warmed up?

I see the rivers are full of brown water at the moment as all that subsurface H20 that was locked up in a frozen landscape has slowly melted and trickled into the watercourses. I'll wait a while more before having a go for a pound plus roach on the local stream.

The stillwaters should be open again, the ice having all but gone now, which is good news for the carp boys and the cormorants too, I'd guess, but the canal has been bloody-minded. I went out about a week ago and caught a fine perch of a pound and four ounces (earns me 21% on the challenge scoreboard) on a big lobworm intended for a big roach, which is unusual in of itself as winter perch are very rare on the cut, and a single small roach on breadpunch from four bites, but since then have not had a touch on any bait. I've tried for roach on lobworms, roach on punch and zander on a slice of roach, but to no avail. It's rubbish...

Fish don't like change, I'm certain. Whether change is for the better or the worse, I'm sure that it is the change that they just don't like, and predictable constancy, whichever way the change evens out, is what they do like.

It's hard for a warm blooded creature (hot blooded, even...) like me, to put myself in the place of a cold blooded creature such as a fish.

If it's cold then I adjust my environment - if it's hot I adjust my environment.

For fish, think this ~

'Adjust yourself!'

No wonder it's hard, this angling...

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  1. Hi Jeff, I've beeen out 3 times on the Avon at Manor Farm and between myself and my mate we've not had a bite!