Friday, 21 January 2011

Canal Zander & Pike - My Quest for a Big Cut Zed - Tough Luck Piking

I got out last night for a couple of hours but only managed to catch yet more tiny zeds - where all the larger zander have gone, I haven't a clue - and tonight I got out for a few hours more at the now legendary Marina Peg, but the fishing was not good, and so I ended up messing about with the camera, again...

A better effort on the video front, I think, but a good fishing video without fish is a sight worse than a bad fishing video with, I'm sure you'd agree ?

I'll tell you what though - you can't make videos and catch fish too as it takes up all your time


  1. There'll come a point soon Jeff when you have to decide whether this is a written-word blog or a Youtube channel. :)

    I like the videos though, it adds variety. If you can find a way of blending both words and video it would be a winner.

    Personally I'd like to see:

    - an underwater shot of the fish moving about an hour or so before you arrive, just going about it's normal business.

    - The fish moving towards the baited hook.

    - Every bite you recieve in close-up (HD, of course)

    - The whole of the fight from a number of different angles including above and underwater.

    - A landing net pole shot of the fish being banked.

    Do you think you could do this please.