Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Wye and the Wherefore

Kev has written up his report on our latest angling expedition to the Wye near Hay, so I was thinking I didn't have to, and as I've had some difficulty getting anywhere near a computer over the last few weeks thought I could get away with it! Not so, I have to get my thoughts down or the thoughts get me down.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Hankering after roach again.

Kev came around on the day after I had arrived back from my working stint in London and we went off to the canal to fish for roach. I was only half there the whole time, seriously knackered, suffering from culture lag.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Five Feet High and Rising...

I woke at dawn, the rising sun burning my eyes out through the open door of the tent. I tried to marvel at the beauty of it all but my hung over brain couldn't deal with such highfaluting idyllics for more than a few seconds and demanded more sleep

To the River! To the River!!

Prolonged heavy and persistent rain over the West Midlands is not the best forecast for a camping and fishing trip on the lower reaches of the river that drains almost the entire region, nevertheless, it was an arrangement that we would not back out of, we would just have to tough it out, endure the approaching deluge and bear with the consequences. We would stay, come what may.