Saturday 17 November 2012

Cold Water Barbel — Endeavouring to Persevere...

Arrival at a river venue with a rod bag brim full of barbel gear is one thing, arrival after dark with one rod made up but the second not is another, but arrival with said and a rod bag who's zip's just bust open leaving gaping holes top, side and bottom, out which aforementioned barbel gear pokes and dangles as you trudge down the lane and over the footbridge, well that's a small disaster in progress.

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Total Coarse Fishing Dec 2012 — In Print, at Last!

I've written for the digital editions of Total Coarse Fishing for a few months now and for the apps platform mag Angling News Week since springtime but my first opinion piece in print came hot off the printing press last week and flopped through my letterbox yesterday morning.

I ripped the envelope away, and...

Monday 5 November 2012

Canal Perch — The Crack of Dawn

She may well have gone by the name of 'Dawn' for all we knew. We didn't enquire and she didn't offer. Driving down the deserted A road for an early morning start after perch at a local canal venue a figure runs straight into the road in front of us whose wildly waving arms implore us to stop. It could have been an overturned car in a ditch or who knows what kind of disaster just happened or is happening now. Danny pulls the big van over hard, the tackle in the cavernous back slides and shunts into the bulkhead, and we grind to a halt thirty yards down the road.