Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Big Perch Quest - Bollox to Perch

Keith likes perch... perch likes Keith....

I like perch but perch don't like me. It has to be said that I am, through no reason that I can fathom, its butt. Try as I may I cannot break through into the kind of perch that Keith does. You may remember we enjoyed many sessions fishing after the spiky little fuckers back in Spring? If you do then you will also remember that Keith caught, oh, lots of big fat spawn laden 'twos' and 'threes' and I caught lots of, well,  sub-decent specimens and lost every single one over the tragic pound and a half.

I thought it was a passing phase, just a springtime quirk of piscine statistics. However, the following tale of woe seems to cement the fact that I am am destined never to get past my perch impasse...

We arrive at the scene of said past disasters and triumphs called Weston Lawns and set up in adjacent pegs in the reedy corner by the bush near the hut and cast our baits. Within no time Keith has a pound plus perch on the bank while I pull in - on lobworms 'this big' - offspring so small they'd be freshly escaped from the spunk bubble...

The hours pass and the perch come in drips and drabs, I even get a half pounder to brighten my sky and then it all goes quiet. Half an hour before dusk Keith hooks and loses a big perch, then hooks a monster record breaking perch that is of course a carp....

Then as the light fades and The Westons Lawns Illuminations, a series of wooden poles with sodium lamps attached behind every swim ( don't ask...) come on, he hooks and lands a perch nearly twice as large as any I have ever landed - two pounds and fourteen ounces.

It's not even a personal best...!

Bollox to perch.


  1. Haha...the pesty buggers..I am having a go for em tomorrow. If I get a goodun I'll not gloat...honest.

  2. you will probably go straight in at 4lb.

  3. A nice bend in that rod class pic there jeff