Friday, 4 November 2011

Guess the Weight of the Stinky Eel Competition - Results

Yesterday's Guess-the-Weight-of-the-Stinky-Eel-Competition has run for 24 hours, a winner has emerged, so it's now closed. My thanks to everyone who took part.

It was an amazingly close-run thing with most of the entrants guessing within half a pound, which is remarkable as I would not have had a clue from a picture and would have taken a stab at it in the dark. As one or two remarked, eels don't weigh half as much as you think they do and though this fish was the kind of fish that the towpath grapevine would have as 'six pounder', it was wasn't quite that ...

Gurn wins a pair of brand spanking new Jeff Hatt signature widget float with new improved 'unbreakable' carbon stem and free, unused, starlight! The lucky, lucky man... 

Product shown approx life size. Batteries not included


  1. Wahey...thank you sir..OK, I had written a comment saying I'd send my details to you. However, In light of the fact that I run a tackle shop, I think it would be unfair to claim the auspicious prize for myself. I suggest the next nearest weight be the winner. Great fun competition and one of the best blogs out there mate...P.S...I think I may have wangled you a light blue bobble hat, I will be in touch..regards Gurn

  2. So does this give you the points you need then ? I don't remember anyone saying that dead fish wre not allowed.
    So thats a good 29 points in the bag mate,

  3. Ian, keep an eye open for next one - guess the weight of the first carp I catch from the Cov canal - mind you might have to weight a year for the result the way things are going

    Gurn, I'll hold them back as a prize in the canal zander match planned for late November, to which you're invited if you can make it? A sky blue bobble hat, that's fantastic! It'll make me officially a towpath Coventry City supporter!

    Well, Martin, I did use a rod and landing net to bank it even if it wasn't actually hooked whilst alive! Keith will have the final say , but I'm thinking it might well be a...

    "No Hatt, NO!"

  4. 1oz out.... Always the bloody bridesmaid!!!