Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Canal Zander & Pike - Lucius Lucius, Minimus, Maximus

If it weren't for Steve of Watery Reflections pushing my buttons, I wouldn't have mentioned this little fella so soon, as I've worn out my long serving 8 mega pixel (how retro is that?) full metal jacket, two year old workhorse of a compact digi and was intending to eek out my limited resources, of as yet unpublished fishy pics and stories, until a new one lands on the doormat...

It died on its sword, the poor thing, and just as I was about to take the snap of my first lobworm caught canal 'roach' of Winter 2010/11. It had served me well. Indeed, I'd taken it for a swim after a carp last year and it had to be sent back to Mount Olympus for repair, after. when it came back with a new lease of life it gave me its all, producing stunning colour and detail rich images, time and again, but yesterday, with a whirry, clickety, jiggery gasp, which was to prove its last, its servos failed and, uncomplaining till the last, it shuffled off this digital coil...

... and, it weren't a roach either - it were a zander, and it were the smallest zander caught on rod and line, ever. If only I had a pic, you'd believe me. I thought I was mounting a too small lobworm for roach, under eight inches that is, but the zed it snared was actually smaller than the worm!

A tiny, tiny ting...

Like the little fella I told you about earlier. And here he is ~

The only jack that anyone currently fishing the cut for zander had caught, as far as we know. A local pike to me, of course, however, it is not he only pike caught locally to come up in dispatches. No, the Cov Canal Narrowboat Grapevine is all a'fluster and buzzing with reports and rumours (much the same thing round these parts) of some most impressive recent captures.

It's been said that a ten and a fifteen have come out of the Exhall Marina entrance in the last few days, which does not surprise me as it has a long established track record of fish about this stamp, but also that a proper lump of no less than 27lb 13 oz (fishy stories with ounces included always have my ear) has fallen to a local rod fishing in a particular venue within the general vicinity...

I know exactly where, down to the specific particulars, but you may have to guess...!

It would be the most comfortable fishing, is all I'll say, for now...


  1. Jeff,

    I have had fish from the entrance to 12lb, indeed my profile picture shows the fish in question?

    This fish had a large bite mark towards the rear where a larger fish had gotten hold of it somewhere through its life?

    I could possibly guess where the large capture came from too, was it not far far from your drinking hole?


  2. Aha, a jack, but still only the one - which considering the angling hours put in by us bloggers over the last month or so is still surprising.

    20 plussers you say... interesting...

  3. Shame about the camera Jeff - hope I didn't jinx it when I praised it's quality pics the other week !!

  4. Could be Gaza, could be...

    Steve, I've seen a fish that I reckoned at the time to be thirty plus, a fish that was later seen by the local boat posse traveling toward Cov and rated as a good forty ! this was last year and there's a blog entry or two about it if you click on pike in the sidebar. Another 28 pounder was alleged to have come out last year, too.

    Lee, you'll have to do the picture honours for me on Wednesday when I catch that double!

  5. ok no probs, I'll bring me big net again then !