Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Angling News Week Launched - Read All About It!

Just a couple of weeks ago a new angling newspaper was launched. Angling News Week is on the shelves now, well the virtual shelves that is, because ANW is the first angling news publication purpose designed for mobile app-based consumption, which means you can subscribe, download the current issue, and read it at your leisure on your mobile device, be it smartphone, iPad, or indeed, any other computer-based, Internet-connected system, including your home PC.

Of course, ANW is primarily news based as you would expect, so the first 12 pages or so are full of what's going on in the world of angling. And the news is as current as it gets, because the man heading up ANW is ex News Editor of Angling Times and now digital publishing maestro, Steve Phillips. It also contains catch reports, tackle reviews, and everything else we expect, but, it also contains an innovation that I think angling publications have missed out on for years, because fellow blogger and cartoonist, Brian Roberts, has a strip of his excellent 'Jack's Pike' appearing in every issue.

And, I'm very proud to say that I'm appearing in it too...

Hoorah, in print at last!

My part to play in its future success is in writing pieces for one of the single page blog sections that spice up the newspaper between the more formal and technical multi-page spreads that we're all accustomed to reading in the middle of our weekly newspapers and monthly magazines. 

Appearing in ANW as a supporting act to such luminaries as Darren Cox, Duncan Charman, and Martin Bowler, is something of a shock to the system, but writing a blog section that must compare to others written by such all time greats such as Dave Harrell, a man who is recognised as one of the finest and most successful match anglers this country has ever produced, is both a tremendous privilege, and a huge challenge.

It'll be a challenge I'll relish and try my very best to live up to, though. You tell me if I don't!

You can download the first free issue as a taster, and subscribe to the following subscription issues, here ~

Only £1.49 per issue, and read it in the comfort of your bivvy too! Now, what could be better than that?


  1. Well done on the recognition - richly deserved

  2. Eeek! I remember AT from back in the 80s when my gran would buy it for me and where I always couldn't wait for the new season new issue. Complete with rubbish 'free' gift. Looking at their website tells me that ANW is long overdue - it's not quite digital by default but there's a market there.

    Talking of overdue - congrats on getting the post (no pun: I've just typed it) because you really are one of the best bloggers out there. And Brian gets the cartoon slot - we just need Norfolk 'N' Good to join the gig (another that's well written, v funny but doesn't attract as many comment followers as it deserves).

  3. Well deserved Jeff, you wouldn't be in there if your stuff wasn't as good time after time as it is

  4. Steve in Colorado25 July 2012 at 02:46

    You- feeling less than a match angler??!
    Gerrofit you sod!
    Your brand of angling is what most of us pursue- and I think thats the secret of your success as a blogger.
    Well, aside from the eloquent prose and pics of your handsome mug, that is ;-)
    Most- if not all- of us commoners here in the US have a healthy disrespect for the professional anglers that often make obscene incomes doing the Pro Tour, catching fish as fast as they can to make up a gross weight for the contest.
    But they don't seem to enjoy fishing; only the catching for the record...
    I think most of us prefer the quiet time and simple pleasure that comes with sussing out the bite whilst enjoying the company of like-minded friends or whoever might be fishing down the bend; I disremember who said it but 'fishing is the only sport I know where complete strangers can chat for an hour as though they've known each other all their lives'.
    Take this on and make it yours!

  5. Got to agree with both the Steves.
    You deserve it Jeff, regular indepth posts, filled with interesting and passionately written articles are something I have come to always expect from you and I believe you will be a real credit to ANW.

  6. Thanks all, I appreciate it. Will do my level best.

  7. And Norfolk 'n' Good, is Norfolk 'n' excellent, I agree.

    Steve. The hours I've spent with old friends i've known just a minute, I can't count.