Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Pike Head Study

One thing leads to another. Limbering up for a possible upcoming painting of a pike. A preliminary study in pencil ... 

And the cat looks as if it's staying put.

Gets up to all kinds of mischief that would never occur to a dog. Can't keep food out on the side, climbs curtains, scratches furniture, explores places impossible to extract it from but it craps in its tray after just a few days, and that can't be a bad thing! I guess it's ours for good...


  1. Nice to see the cat is in good hands! It must've been an 'escapee' from a local cat breeder, as was my cat that came to our grandparents house one day. Poor little thing, had some scabs on its legs and goo in his eyes, looked a mess. Now he is just fine, all lovey-dovey and sweet to everyone, including our Jack Russell that he likes to mess with!

  2. Jeff any name for the cat yet old chap.....mmmmmm??????

    Lovely pike picture is that the airborne 20lber.

    Bazal Peck

  3. That's a quality Pike Sketch Jeff.
    As for that picture of the Kitten, words can not describe how far it is off the cute

    Thanks for the offer, my mum would not need much tempting, but as everyone else has said you should keep it, especially as you rescued it and gave it a warm, loving home, I am sure it will eventually get along with Molly fine. Have you had any thoughts on what you might name it yet?

    Kind Regards

  4. Top notch pike! And that cat is simply wonderful! :)

  5. We need a cat name competition (obviously) - Clarissa?

  6. Steve in Colorado19 January 2012 at 03:29

    Esox or Lucous for the kitten- given the juxtaposition of it all...

  7. We're thinking of names but holding back as there are people showing an interest, one dropped out but another still thinking about it.

    I'm growing to really like her. She's super intelligent, works stuff out really quickly, has self toilet trained and best of all, is getting used to Molly as you all said she would.

    We'll see...

  8. Interesting - I have a David Carl Forbes pike illustration, from the Forn=bes family, it's treasured... not that brill tho by his standards. You like pen and ink Jeff??