Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bob Nudd goes Punch fishing for Roach

Sent across by local Coventry angler Ivan Scanlon for my delectation and amusement, I just had to share it with you. Bobb Nudd goes trotting for roach with punched bread. Classic stuff!

Red apparel and white hat is great camouflage as fish can't see red, so Dick Walker once said, and a white hat blends with the sky. All true, but people can see it a mile off and I ain't going out dressed like a fireman for nothing!

Off to the river today for spot of the same, let's hope I can put one or two nice fish on the bank myself...

Overnight frost, scattered wintry showers forecast for later, brrrr...

Good luck with your weekend's fishing adventures all, whatever your fish of choice might be.

And cheers Ivan.


  1. Fish can't see red?
    Why are red maggots so succesful
    Good look with the roach, we're wading through 4 inches of snow ooop north!

  2. I think they see red as black, or so they say. Then again its hard to imagine how fish see as they can see colours we can't even imagine having pentachromatic vision as opposed to our trichromatic eyes.

    Bob does seem to catch a lot of fish, so perhaps red camo will be the next big thing!