Friday, 13 November 2009


I went out last night, after roach with worms, to see if anything would happen as a weather front approached and hit the West Midlands. I have only fished the canal once in similar conditions and it was
rubbish then so perhaps it will come as absolutely no surprise that it was rubbish once again!

I sat under my brolly in gusty wind and moderately heavy rain for a couple of hours after dark and had not a touch, nevertheless there is something to be said for just sitting under a brolly completely dry and warm while all around is wet and cold. It's kind of pleasant...

Gaz, one of my boating/fishing friends passed by with this kids at the height of the squall.

G. "How's the roach fishing going, Jeff?"

J. "Had a nice fish last night, Gaz"

G. "Couple of kids had a two and a half pounder right here the other day"

J. "Whoo! really?"

G. "Yep, they killed it when they couldn't get the hook out, no training you see, no training, no clue"

J. "Blimey, see ya"

G. "Yeah, see ya mate!"

Now there's no smoke without fire, so a good roach was certainly caught, and shamefully killed, but apocryphal stories have a habit of magnifying and distorting with the telling and I'll bet that Gaz was not actually present to witness the fish, got the story second-hand and so it was probably not quite so big as he has it.

Or was it?

Thursday 12th Nov. 1600 - 1830 hrs
994 hPa rising slowly, 11 °C falling
Overcast, S - 10 mph, steady overnight. Persistent rain, moderately heavy at times.
Ground: Blustery intermittent with strong gusts
Water: Temp ? Clarity 10 sec, tow moderate right, strong ripple at times.
Moon phase: Waning crescent, 18%
Steady last two days, rain and gale force winds for next few days

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