Sunday, 22 August 2010

Ilfracombe Bound

We dropped into the pub early friday evening for a couple of drinks, and when we came out I was bound to Ilfracombe on a sea fishing trip with one of my drinking pals, Monday morning through Wednesday evening.

Shit happens...

My sea angling gear is in a parlous state. The rods and reels are fine now that I have fettled them, but all the terminal tackle is either rotten (salt eats metal) or lost somewhere in the house, so I went to a local camping emporium that happens to sell the very cheapest sea gear I have ever found, and stocked up with Aberdeens in various sizes for the general species, some O'shaunessy's for the rays and huss that I hope to target, swivels, cheap, cheap leads, line and 50lb shock leader.

I have no idea what Ilfracombe has in the way of potential but a little research suggests a typical southern harbour town venue with a mix of ground from clean to rough available and a range of species from wrass, bass and thin-lipped mullet, to conger, huss and ray with mackerel all summer and cod and whiting from September onwards.


I have elected to take everything from an avon rod and light fixed spool so that I can spin the classic Mepps and harbour rag for the thin lips, and lures off the rocks in the evenings for the bass, through boat gear, all the way to full blown beachcasting outfits for the distance mackerel feathering and the raymond/huss campaigns.

I also want to catch a wrasse off the rocks, as I never have before.

The great thing is, as I am going with a bloke, I could feasibly fish, if I wanted to, for 24 hours of the day without fear of retribution.

I may well...

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