Friday, 20 August 2010

Fishing Challenge Wake Up Call

After messing around all of the first half of the year and not taking the challenge so seriously that I couldn't fish for whatever I wanted, whenever and wherever I wanted, I now know that I must pull my finger out of my hole if I want to end the year on anything like a respectable footing. It reminds me a little of the second year at uni.

Below is my appended version of Keith's tally of the points gained by all the competitors thus far. The columns and rows in grey text on the right are my additions and the backbone of my plan for the rest of the year. Self-explanatory, really.

I think I'll arrange a sure fire barbel hit on the Severn at some point when the river is coming down from a reasonable bit of water. Venue to be decided.

Bream point will be got at Lucy's Mill as it's a convenient shopping trip that I can suggest pretty much any weekend. All I need is a four hours on the right day.

Silver bream I will target on the Cov Canal as I know exactly where to expect fish of this species of the right stamp (10-12 oz apiece) to make the job a little easier than it might be elsewhere, and it's close by.

Bullhead. I have caught three of these fish from three different places. Danny has kindly informed us all of exactly where he got his point and Keith has already capitalised upon that information. I can't see myself getting to that actual location so will strive to pioneer another venue first! I have some ides...

Carp. I plan to go for three twenties or a thirty, twenty and a double at Bishops Bowl this coming bank holiday. I simply cannot do the easy thing and simply go to a hole in the ground stuffed with stupid hungry carp who'll eat anything, even foam rubber, and feel good about it without first having attempting to do the thing correctly, you know, with dignity...

Grass carp and catfish I have voided. I won't even try for them as I have so many other fish to fish for.

Chub point is a forgone conclusion. It will come at some point before Christmas.

Eel. I know of some cracking East Coast venues for this species and one pond in particular where I once caught thirty eels in an evening on lobworms.

Brown goldfish is a no brainer - It has to be Lanny's Lagoon, where all the others caught theirs.

Grayling I will save up for a trip to the fabulous Itchen. As soon as I have the point in the bag I will be after big roach for the rest of the day.

Pike. I fancy hiring an electric boat out of Bowness and lure fishing the southern end of Windermere.

Ruffe. I am researching a certain swim on a certain stretch of the Anker. If that fails to deliver then it's all out, all day, on the local cut.

Tench. This point can be got easily at Napton, less easily elsewhere. I will do another combined chub and tench trip to Packington where I will also try for bullhead, but if that fails then its Napton, Napton, Napton.

Zander. Coventry canal or perhaps the Avon at Stratford. Either way I have to get myself some circle hooks first.

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