Wednesday, 15 May 2013

When Trees Eat Signs — Excellent!

Gurn the Intrepid Piscator has a series currently running over on his blog concerning that alarming attitude those woody leafy creatures prettifying our waterways — trees & shrubs — have about our iron attachments and appliques to them.

Out on a Warwick & District Angling Association recce with Phil after we'd concluded our ressy trip hunting for pics for a new website I'm knocking up for the club, we came across one of said trees, mid-meal.

I took its picture...

It didn't even blink!

Slow eaters trees, but not at all camera shy. It just carried on munching away as if we weren't there, but I'm sure it knew we really were...


If you send along your own arboreal restaurantanalia to Gurn, he'll no doubt publish your examples alongside the excellent selection he's already collected.

Trees, eh?

Anyone would think they ran the place the way they carry on what with their digesting of our club signs, barbed wire, railings and what not!

The Intrepid Piscator

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